Censorship of Deichmohles books because contemporaries are overchallenged with non-feminist thinking

Since the 1980s, Jan Deichmohle’s arguments and books have been hermetically kept out of the public and media. Feminist-minded generations are so mentally stuck that they cannot recognize any non-feminist sense. In short, they are mentally overchallenged when someone presents them with a non-feminist argument, which is why they do not understand it and consider it absurd. During the Nazi era, according to a novel of the time, an oppositional leaflet on a warship was read aloud as a joke in front of an assembled crew and collectively laughed at. Ultimately, feminist society reacts the same way when a work critical of feminism is presented. The same conceptual obtuseness exists in a feminist society as in a fascist one when it comes to oppositional ways of thinking and approaches.

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«Hello Jan,

I’m sorry to tell you that your submission “The Oppression of Men” will not be appearing on this Sunday’s Pop-Up Submissions.

I don’t mind submissions that feature controversial opinions but this seems to be more of a rant than anything else. If you want to make a case, you will need to construct a coherent argument, which this seems to lack. Assertion does not equate to evidence.

There are plenty of books waiting to be written about the crisis of masculinity, and it’s a subject I’m keen to explore on Pop-Ups, but we have certain standards to maintain as well.

All my best wishes to you,

Peter Cox» (Litopia, 4.11.2022, 13:51)

«Hello Peter,

This is the most ridiculous justification of censorship you could come up with. The book is not a “rant”, but a scientifically based work and an intellectual breakthrough, because something obvious has not been discussed in public until now. To call scientific logic not “coherent” betrays a high degree of indoctrination or lack of mental agility. Since the first feminist wave, feminists have demanded choice for women, but denied men in a central area just such choice. This is an untenable self-contradiction and double standard to which my book points.

You refuse to discuss it. In doing so, you make yourself a part of the oppression of men. There is no other book on the subject. Therefore, it is an outright lie for you to claim that there are other books that deal with it. Except for my books, there is not a single one that presents a non-feminist, logical point of view that you apparently could not understand.

Your censorship is documented.

Jan Deichmohle» (Jan Deichmohle, 4.11.2022, 20:17)

Probably Peter has not even read the first pages of my book, otherwise he could not write such nonsense. There are few books on the subject that cite so much evidence from scientific sources. Feminist foundation texts did not adhere to any standards, but were hailed because of their sentiments. Now it is the other way round: the level of the book „The Oppression of Men“ is too high, which is why those who are lazy in thinking do not understand it and block it.

This has been going on for 40 years; others have been experiencing it since 1968. Western countries are the most totalitarian system of oppression on earth in issues of both sexes.

My book: “Die Unterdrückung der Männer” I have also in English version “The Oppression of Men”.

It is prevented with stupid insinuations that my scientifically proven arguments reach the public.