Public Query To All Literary Agents Of Mankind

Dear Literary Agent / To whom it concerns,

The book The Oppression of Men” is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to discover a breakthrough concerning the strongest taboos of human life. It has the potential to become a sensation and media bias scandal. It gives you the opportunity to be the first to tackle a new approach supported by solid modern sciences like evolutionary biology and genetics. I’m not exaggerating.

Contrary to common believe and told by media, schools and universities, the biologically dominant sex is the female. Male life and reproduction is dispensable; female life and reproduction is essential. Women exercise the sexual selection of men. The male sex acts as a filter for genes.” This means that many men may not reproduce. The hurdles are high for men. Inborn bias of perception favors children, mothers and women. Another innate bias in perception denies male losers empathy. The feminism of all waves was misled by this innate distortion of perception, making things far worse and more unjust. This is proven by solid science, experiment, and observation.

I am one of strongest and most original voices for men’s rights. For decades my books, refuting feminist waves of today and in the past, were the subject of censorship, boycotts, and often more subtle forms of oppression before they could manifest as a book. I was able to prove that many of the rejections were not a problem of taste, quality or publishing. In each of my books, I quote the reasons given and other evidence that ideological bias was the reason.

At the same time, the media repeated hundreds of praises for radical feminist bashing by men and completely ignored any male criticism of such one-sided bashing. This is known among men’s rights activists and has been happening since the 1960s, although I do document that this one-sided media agenda was lamented even before the First World War. The same way men are oppressed, truth is also oppressed, anybody and any book telling the truth. Since feminism took over, freedom is gone, replaced by repression.

Now, when you say that there are some critical men’s voices published by respected publishers like Warren Farrell, you are talking about a model feminist, co-founder of NOW, protégé of radical feminist Gloria Steinem. There was never really deep-rooted criticism, except in my books.

My book on the subject was written, for the most part, years ago. The media and German publishers would ignore it. This year a feminist (Meike Stoverock, Female Choice”) discovered the subject I had written about for decades and made it another way of degrading men. That was spread as a sensation in the German media – as they usually do. My original is still being ignored.

Now it may not be wise to tell a literary agent about a rejection, as the usual conclusion is that the book must be bad because others rejected it for a reason. That may often be true. In this case, however, it is the other way around. A brilliant new truth is too troubling for the mighty of our time. So they suppress any deviation from their desired prejudices and ideologies by cancel culture, moral indignation based on double standards, ridicule, ignoring or bashing, whatever is the best way to hide worrying facts. At the same time, these censors believe they are progressive and have superior morals while suppressing their opponents.

Here is your chance. What you decide may say more about yourself than about the book The Oppression of Men”. The first chapters have already been translated into English. Just a little polishing may be required.

Why am I trying to publish in English now? First, so that many in the world can read it. Second, because it’s hopeless here. The bias in any country of Western civilization may be comparably strong. At least I try. Perhaps, somewhere in the world, someone will dare to publish my 35 books on the toughest taboos of our time. The Oppression of Men” is just the beginning, the dawn of a more realistic view on life.

Approx. 100,000 words, non-fiction based on science and facts. Description of fundamental misunderstandings in contemporary society and debate. I am a seasoned public speaker who is used to reading on stage (in German).

Yours, sincerely,
Jan Deichmohle